Mississippi QueenOn the last day of the National Sons of AMVETS Convention in Memphis, Tn, the National Officers would like to invite you to join them on a Memphis Queen Dinner Cruise on Saturday August 16, 2014. The boat will start loading at 7:00 PM and leave the dock at 7:30 PM. Please join us for a fabulous evening cruise on the Mighty Mississippi. Please call to make reservations at 901-527-2628.

James (Jim) Aubrey Houck, Jr..

Not only does Jim put tremendous effort and time in honoring our local Veterans, but he also is a vital asset to several local Veteran organizations. Jim has served as the Senior Vice President for the Emmitsburg VFW Men’s Auxiliary, the Commander of the Francis X. Elder Sons of American Legion (SAL), and as the 3rd Vice Commander at the AMVETS Post 7 in Thurmont. (Reprinted, with permission, from The Catoctin Banner ).

Proud military moms

There is no one prouder than a fine military mother
Her support is of the strongest caliber to be found
She knows what she has to do and lovingly does it
Great faith is something she so abundantly shows

Internet Explorer bug fix Microsoft has released a patch / fix for the Internet Explorer bug that allowed an infected site to take over your computer. This bug affected all Internet Explorer 6 through 11. Originally, MS was not going to release a fix for IE 6 and Windows XP. However, MS reversed their decision and did release a fix for Windows XP. It is critical that you run the Windows update ASAP to get the fix.

Senate Bill 1982 dies by procedural vote. On February 27, 2014, the Senate declined, by a vote of 56-41, to waive a budget point of order raised against S. 1982, a comprehensive expansion of veterans programs, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sixty votes were needed to waive the budget point of order and continue work toward final passage of the bill. This vote effectively stopped the bill.

Tom McGriffWe were saddened to learn that AMVETS Past National Commander Tom McGriff, husband of National President Linda McGriff, passed away on Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Commander McGriff's spend nearly two decades of his Naval career in Polaris submarines. While AMVETS Commander, he was committed to improving the medical care of military servicemen and women with injuries incurred in the war on terror.

Veterans Discrimination!It time to go to “the Hill” again! This articles contains the 2014 Legislative Priorities Cards and a condensed form of these topics for the people going on the Hill to review and prepare. Also, please review how your state representatives are faring with respect to veteran issues by reviewing the Representative's scorecard.

New face lift coming

What a face lift already? Yes. The public facing site was ready to go, but it took me a while to find someone to make the site look pretty. A good friend of mine, Cielo Johnson has volunteered to help us. This is a very large project and we are all very grateful for her help. Thank you Cielo.

VAVS needs you!Due to attrition and the economy, our status in the NAC has fallen below the minimum 15 facilities to be an Associate member of the NAC. I have filed papers with Mr. Tony Burtley changing our status to Honorary members, so in the future when our volunteer numbers increase, we may rejoin the NAC in our former status.

Honor and RememberThis project's focus will be to increase awareness in states that do not have an organized Chapter, nor has their state adopted the flag for their fallen. It is my desire to present flags (or have presented) to Gold Star families that have requested a personalized Honor and Remember flag in these states, but with no funding source to jump start their program like I was able to do with Roberts Hammett’s project.

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