Online Project ReportingThe Sons of AMVETS have implemented a an online project report system that is tailored to our needs. We would like to thanks the AMVETS organization for allowing us to use their system these last few years. It gave us our start into online reporting. Before you can enter project reports, you need to create an account on the Sons of AMVETS web site.

US Capital!It time to go to “the Hill” again! This articles contains the 2015 Legislative Priorities Cards and a condensed form of these topics The people going on the Hill to review and prepare.

North Point Housing for VeteransThe sad truth about many Veterans is that when they return home from active duty, some of them have problems adjusting back to civilian life, sometimes turning to either alcohol or drugs. Then it only becomes a matter of time before they become homeless and take to living on the streets of our cities.

Crypto Wall Virus.One of my customer's was infected with the CryptoWall virus. Basically, it scrambles your data files (documents, pictures, music, photos, etc.) so that they are unreadable. The only way to get your data back is to pay a $500 ransom or you erase your computer and reload all of you data. If you do not have a backup, then you either pay the $500 or you loose your data.

James (Jim) Aubrey Houck, Jr..Jim talks about his trip to the 30th Sons of AMVETS National Convention, which occurred in August of 2014. He talks about his travels to and from his first National Convention and the things he did an experience while in Memphis, Tennessee. The high light of his trip was the tour of St. Jude's Hospital.

Honor and Remember flagIt is important to share that Honor and Remember, with your help, significantly advanced its mission to perpetually recognize the sacrifice of our military fallen heroes and their families. Our message is simple and unchanging and can be summarized with four cornerstones: Establish, Educate, Present and Comfort. In this brief report you will read how each of these goals is being achieved.

Sons of AMVETS PNC John Barnhill dontes to Camp Hope Past National Commander John Barnhill's project was to raise money for their continuous construction effort. Commander Finnegan arranged it so that the Sons could be presented at the dedication of a cabin dedicated in memory of Shawn Clemens, son of Bill Clemens PDC from New York. Bill, his wife Candy, and grandson Gavin were in attendance.

Camp Hope dedicates a cabin to SSG Shawn Clemens

On July 19, 2014, Camp Hope dedicated a refurbished cabin in honor of Army SSG Shawn Clemens who was KIA January 29, 2004 in Afghanistan. Camp Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the fallen by helping the wounded.

Created by Gold Star parents, William "Mike" and Galia White, it was created to honor the memory of their son. Pfc Christopher Neal White, a 23-year-old Marine, was tragically killed in action in Al Anbar, Iraq on June 20, 2006.

AMVETS QuartermasterThe AMVETS Quartermaster office have moved. Their new address is AMVETS National Quartermaster, P.O. Box 211, Lakeview, Ohio 43331. Their phone number remain the same, but their new web site is .

Sons of AMVETS Red ScooterKilroy is back. This drawing was a popular piece of graffiti drawn by American troops in the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters during World War II. Kilroy has shown up again, this time as a local campaign designed to honor veterans of World War II and teach young people about a significant piece of memorabilia from the era, said Bob Driftmyer, 9th District commander of AMVETS and past commander of AMVETS Post 21, Findlay.


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