Fellow Sons,

Official implementation of online membership has started.

Membership and the collection of dues is the life blood of our organization and one of the most basic responsibilities at the grassroots level. The Sons of AMVETS new membership process has been developed to allow for easy submission of data, increased efficiency, better tracking, along with real time, up to the minute, accurate roster data on a Squadron, Department, and National level. Our website is now your focal point for membership.

2022 Renewal Cards have been printed. 1st Vice Commanders or Administrative Assistants, in states with Departments, will distribute to the Squadrons. In states with NO Department, renewal cards will be sent directly to the Squadron from National Headquarters.

In states with Departments, ALL SQUADRONS should forward Dues and Remittance (D-n-R) forms to the Department 1st Vice Commander or Department Administrative Assistant. This is the same as in previous years.

In states with NO Department, Squadrons should forward their D-n-R to National Headquarters in Maryland. This is the same as in previous years.

Website Navigation Guides are accessible through the links listed below. These guides are provided so all members can better understand the membership process.  

It is suggested that every Squadron leadership team review the membership introduction, GETTING STARTED. Additionally, CURRENT MEMBERSHIP, which is listed on the Squadron Profile page, should be checked for accuracy. Discrepancies, omissions, and/or required edits need to be reported to the next level ie: Squadron to Department, Department to National.

1st Vice Commander Mick Ciesla and National Administrative Assistant Narcy Moran are available for assistance.